Broadband Initiative

The Paradox Community Trust has obtained the rights to a dark (unlit) fiber optic cable that runs 60 miles from Nucla to Sunshine in the Illium Valley. This unused fiber optic line could provide critical broadband services, to residents, businesses and essential community services with improved access, higher speeds, lower costs and increased reliability.

We are contacting landowners along the Tri-State Power line asking them to sign telecommunications easements that will allow the pre-existing dormant (dark) fiber optic cable to be used for internet use. This improved access will directly benefit the entire community including local businesses, emergency services, the library, the school, the medical clinic, and families.

What is the role of the Paradox Community Trust?

PCT, as a community nonprofit, will hold the easements. Paradox will be a wholesale (“middle mile”) provider to retail (“last mile”) providers such as Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company, Brainstorm, Fastracks and others that will create local competition and choice for Norwood. Paradox Community Trust will not make a profit as a wholesaler and will require retail last mile providers to pass along savings or expanded service to customers.

Will there be any construction as a part of the Broadband Initiative?

The fiber cable already exists, so no new construction or any changes to your existing Tri-State easement is required to make this project happen. The fiber optic line was installed when Tri-State installed the power line, but they did not acquire the right to use it. We want to activate it to increase internet speeds, reliability and local competition. Please note: No one will access your property without your permission.  No new construction will take place to activate the fiber optic line.  No changes will be made to your existing Tri-State easement. 

Why is the Paradox Community Trust doing this rather than a for-profit business?

The problem is that right now there simply is no competition in the Norwood area to force current internet providers to improve service and reduce their prices. Therefore, if we want better internet service in our community for our emergency services, fire department, library, businesses, schools, medical center, (or just to watch Netflix!), we must do something different and do it as a community. This project is a creative solution that offers an immediate opportunity for us to strengthen and build our community by improving our internet services.  And, once the easements are signed, the rest of the hard work is already paid for!

Why is this initiative important?

You may think internet is not important in your life, but believe it or not, it affects you and your family in so many more ways than you might imagine.  You might someday need admittance the medical clinic and because internet has gone down due to a storm – whether it’s in Nucla, Naturita, or Norwood – the doctors can’t pull your records and care for you properly.  Your home may be threatened by wildfires and communications might be down at the Fire Station and you can’t reach anyone for help to save your land and home.  Your child or grandchild might be tasked with an important report to write that requires extensive online research, and he or she has no way of getting the information because the internet is too slow.  These are real issues.  We are simply trying to illustrate just how critical this project is to the livelihoods of every single person in this town and the surrounding areas.

I have questions about this initiative and the easement process, who do I contact?

Please feel free to call Erika Lapsys or Paul Major (970-209-2880) with questions about the project that you may have.  Please call Chris Stryker (303-859-0344), the land professional in charge of perfecting easements for this broadband expansion project, with any questions about the easement itself.